Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What is our purpose?

Mission Statement:
The Social Justice Pathway is a three-year program featuring self-direction and project-based learning in an interdisciplinary model rooted in community action and collaboration.  This program is for students interested in empowerment, conviction and the passion to build a better world.  It's an opportunity for authentic education and experiential learning beyond the high school walls.

While our vision gives us a "North Star" and provides direction, our mission statement simply defines our purpose and it is a biggie: build a better world. It helps us to answer three questions about why Paly Social Justice Pathway exists:
WHAT—a three-year high school program that blends subject curriculum with community action to empower students to make positive change to “their world”
WHOstudents and teachers who want more control over and value from their education
HOWgive students and teachers to the responsibility and opportunity to connect individual convictions to real world change. To, Access, Adapt, and Act to make our community and world a better place

--Eric Bloom

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